Taylor Vaifanua

One of the more interesting American Idol hopefuls this season is a lady named, Taylor Vaifanua. She's quite young. Currently at 16 years old. I wonder how she'll compare to some of the other quite young contestants from previous seasons. Some have made it past Hollywood only to falter later, while at least one young contestant from last season appears to have done really well for himself.

She has a website based on her name, but going there doesn't yield any additional information. Only a huge, This site is down for maintenance image. Maybe this means that she did well in Hollywood, so she hasn't yet been eliminated. My feeling is that she took it down for privacy and confidentiality related reasons. Still, the fact that she has her own website (I'm pretty sure it's hers since it uses her name in the url.) means that she's really serious about pursuing a career in music. She's really actively promoting herself to the world at large, using the internet. Or at least she was before her site went down for maintenance.

Like some of the other contestants identified so far, Taylor Vaifanua has herself a MySpace profile. It's got an image of her at least, so you can see what she looks like, but like her website, there really isn't much information on it at all. It's pretty clear though that she really is serious about a music career because it looks like she's already released an album.

It's called Taylor Vaifanua Timeless. It was released back in 2006, and it's supposed to be a religious album. It's got 10 songs (Deeper Still, Brand New Every Day, Timeless, Inside Outside, Can't Say Love Enough, My Heart Your Home, Reach Out, Carry Me, Bigger Picture, and Sunshine). It also looks like there may be some choir work on the album.

There's a lot here that seems promising. She's got an album so that probably means she at least has a decent voice. Also, she seems to be actively pursuing a music career so hopefully that means that she has the talent for that kind of work, but more than that, she has some drive. One thing I like about some of the older contestants from previous seasons is that you got the sense that they knew who they were, what kind of music they did, and they were comfortable in their own skin. They seemed more professional as a result. My beef with some of the younger contestants was that sometimes they just seemed to get lost. They would get confused. They would shift from style to style, music genre to music genre, perenially trying to please the judges, instead of going with something solid that they favored. Hopefully, Taylor Vaifanua will be fairly mature for her age. The American Idol competition just has a way of chewing up and spitting out those contestants who don't have a strong core of self belief.

Well, anyway, that's what I have so far on Taylor Vaifanua.


  1. I love american Idol. Nice write up on Taylor.


  2. I personally know Taylor, and she is such an amazing girl. I know for a fact that she loves music so much. I have sang with her, she obviously above and beyond my own talent. I really feel as though she does have the talent to be an American Idol in singing.

    Keep up the good work Taylor!

    -Kallie G (keokuk....?) :)

  3. Taylor does have the talent and her own style. People will fall in love with her as have people around Utah who have heard her sing live. She is great on stage. Good luck Taylor!!

  4. Yo Got my Vote Taylor Malo